Chalk paint

I seem to have developed an obsession with chalk paint. At the moment it’s with Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ however I’ve just ordered a tin of Something Painted Perth’s ‘Oxblood’ so will see what furniture that leads me to..

My most recent ‘up-cycle’/furniture redo/project, whatever you want to call it, were my dining room chairs. The most tedious of all. It took many attempts, however approximately 12 hours later (I’m a perfectionist) I had a completely new look in my living room, for a lot less than the $129 per chair I would have paid if I got my way when we got our dining table.

My tips for redoing chairs with chalk paint.

  1. Don’t bother sanding. Half of my chairs were weather damaged as had been left on the verandah by the previous owner, half were just chipped and battered (basic wear and tear) but it all adds to their character. I did the bare minimum (removed the flakey varnish) and gave them a wipe over and they turned out just fine. Trust me, the painting part takes long enough so skip the prep if you can.
  2. Set up in one room if you don’t think you can do them all in one hit. I definitely couldn’t. I don’t have the patience (working on it) but I also chose to do two coats per chair, two chairs at a time so there were times where I had to stop and wait for the paint to dry (sigh). I found it a lot easier having a room that was already set up so all I had to do after each session was wash a brush.
  3. Don’t be too fussy with your painting. The beauty of chalk paint is that it looks good slapped on. I found the more I went over it, the worse it looked (you could see brush strokes). Two coats (allowing for drying in between coats) is plenty, and the imperfections (only noticeable to you) add to the character.

    See pics of final product (s) below.IMG_3489IMG_3490IMG_3487IMG_3491


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